Completed – Scheduled Outage: Campus network outage.

Scheduled Outage: Campus network outage.

DATE/TIME: 06-24-2022 at 6:30 to10:00pm – Completed.

DURATION: 3.5 Hours

IMPACT: All network access including: AIS, PAWS, all Websites, email, BlackBoard, Internet access on campus, on campus computer logins and remote access to computers will all be affected.

REASON: Maintenance on the servers and server environment. This is part of IT’s standard maintenance cycle.

Current email threat

Please remain extra vigilant against email scams and phishing attempts.   Now that we have migrated to the new Microsoft365 email system, email threats are detected and handled differently than what we had before.   Please be especially wary of messages that are flagged with **Caution: EXTERNAL Sender **  at the top […]