[Software Issue] Outlook 2013 and older access issues. 1-25-2023 at 8AM

END-OF-LIFE SOFTWARE: Outlook 2013 and older clients are no longer working.  Full access to email is available by logging in on the web at: https://www.csupueblo.edu/faculty-and-staff

DATE/TIME: 1-25-2023 at 8AM

DURATION: Ongoing.

IMPACT: Faculty and staff on campus who use Outlook 2013 (or older) cannot use the application on their machines. This application will require an update to the computer and Windows updates to be applied.

REASON: Microsoft has depreciated services for an authentication method used in an older software version. This will require an update to the application, or for email users to log in on the full Outlook on the web. https://www.csupueblo.edu/faculty-and-staff

NEXT STEPS: The technician team is actively updating applications via requests in the ticketing queue. Many computers have updated applications, but if yours is affected, please add a ticket number with your computer name. We have a process that will remotely push updates and provide a few pop-up prompts to guide you through the fix.

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