Current email threat

Please remain extra vigilant against email scams and phishing attempts.   Now that we have migrated to the new Microsoft365 email system, email threats are detected and handled differently than what we had before.   Please be especially wary of messages that are flagged with **Caution: EXTERNAL Sender **  at the top of the message.   If such a message claims to be from the head of your department or the President, it is clearly something you should just delete and remind your colleagues to do the same.

Today, many people reported receiving an invitation to view a shared file on a Google Drive that attempted to look like it was being shared on behalf of Dr. Mottet.   This was a phishing scam that should have been easy for you to identify and delete.  Under no circumstance will the President or member of our leadership team send a sharing invitation from a 3rd party source as part of any official University business.      Do not let your curiosity tempt you to click any links in such an email.  Simply viewing a document or website with malicious code in it for a brief moment may be enough to compromise your computer.

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