Email migration underway

The final migration of CSU-Pueblo email to the Microsoft 365 cloud environment started this morning around 7am. The project is progressing successfully so far.

The web-access Outlook and mobile device email is currently unable to connect. Some staff have noted today that their Outlook clients on campus still seem to be connected and functioning normally despite being told email would be unavailable. We discovered that the on-campus email servers need to remain “on” to facilitate the data migration. So while this it true that you can still connect to email with Outlook on campus, using it is at your own risk.

Any changes to your email inbox, sent items, folders or calendars made during the established migration “outage” window may not be preserved and moved into the new Micrsoft365 environment. Records of sent items or incoming email during this time may be lost. It is best to avoid opening Outlook and access email during this time to minimize inconsistencies when you login to the new system on Monday.

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