Student PAWS update

We are launching an update to the Student PAWS login interface as well as adding new links for Finanical Aid and Fall Registration in the services menu. This update is meant to make the login more intuitive and contribute to a more positive student experience.

When a student clicks on the student PAWS link they will be presented with a new page.  This page will allow the student to login with their NETID and NETID password or use their original PID and PIN.  By using their NETID and NETID password it will allow the student to use the new self-service Banner Registration and Financial Aid pages.

When the student clicks the NETID Login, they will be presented with the CSU system NETID login page.  They will enter their NETID and NETID password.

If the student chooses the original PID and PIN login, this login page will be presented to them:

After a successful login, of either type of login, the student will be presented with the Student PAWS home page.  The services will all be the same but will have two new services listed that are links to self-service Banner pages.  They are marked with the red NEW.  If the student has logged in with the NETID and then click on the new service, they will be taken to the self-service Banner pages without needing to log in again. If they have logged in with their PID, they will then need to login with NetID to access these pages.

The new links to the Self-service Banner will first present the page below.  The student will need to click on the Colorado State University Pueblo key and you will be taken into their profile page.

Additional enhancements, features and updates will be added to PAWS in the future. PAWS will continue to be a key student resource that will allow students to access functions available to them in Banner.

If you have questions about this, please contact the IT Help Desk at or ext. 2002 and they will ensure your inquiry reaches the appropriate staff.

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