NetID Rescheduled

Dear Campus Community,

The revised NetID conversion time has been firmly established for 9:00am, Monday, December 21st.   

Once again, be advised that access to network computing resources will be disrupted during the NetID conversion project activity. 

All campus desktop computers will begin to be rebooted starting approximately 9:00am and access to other resources like web email, LogMeIn and Blackboard will be interrupted.  Please plan your work around this outage as necessary.   Also, please keep an eye on the IT Status Updates Blog for immediate information as to when this work is complete, which will hopefully be sooner than anticipated.  (

Remember, you will then login with your NetID to campus computers, web Outlook, Blackboard.  If you need assistance recovering your NetID password, please visit the NetID & Password Help page on our website, which also features a list of all systems that will require NetID.  Please use this resource before calling the Help Desk since this will likely address most issues.    


SCHEDULED OUTAGE:   The ability to authenticate (login) to campus computers and related CSU-Pueblo systems including email and Blackboard.

DATE/TIME START: 12/21/2020 9:00 AM

DURATION: 10-24 hours anticipated.  (24-72 hours is remotely possible.)

REASON: Required configuration changes to all systems to support NetID authentication.

IMPACT: Campus computers including office computers, email, Blackboard and all campus network resources. 

There is some unfortunate ambiguity around the length of the outage window due to a number of risks/unknowns that we must processing during the event.   But we will do everything in our power to ensure the quickest outcome possible and realize that this is critically disruptive.  Again, keep an eye on the IT Status Updates Blog for updates, and be available to your supervisor who will be informed as the services come back online. 

I continue to be grateful for the profound patience you all have shown as we get this substantial project in place.    A login change may seem like a small thing, but the technology behind it will set the foundations in place for us to evolve and expand our technology offerings for the future.  

I also want to express my thanks to the IT staff who have worked seemingly endless hours in preparation for this and to all our partners in departments across campus who are working to make this possible in support to students.  Together, you make this is an amazing place to work, despite the many challenges we’ve had this year.

Thank you all!

Chris Milliken
Executive Director of IT

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