NetID rollout is happening!

Please be advised that the access to campus computer resources will begin to be switched to the NetID platform on Wednesday, December 16th.  

We anticipate that this work will be completed by or before Friday, December 18th.  During this time, there will be some disruption to your access of computing resources.  When this work is complete, you will need to use your NetID to access the CSU-Pueblo network.  This primarily includes your login to your desktop computer on campus.   Note the following steps:

  1. All campus desktop computers will begin to be rebooted at 8:00am, 12/16.
  2. Keep an eye on the IT Status blog for updates when the system is available and work is complete.
  3. When you re-login, you will use your NetID and password instead of your eAccount (firstname.lastname).

Please make arrangements within your work units to accommodate this necessary system disruption and communicate these changes to your respective staff and colleagues.  Note the following:

For LogMeIn users: 

This will not change your LogMeIn username and password, but you will need to use your NetID and password to log into your campus computer once you connect to it through LogMeIn.

Laptop users: 

If you have a permanently-assigned laptop (not from IT checkout), you will continue to use your existing username and password until you return to campus.  Once you use your laptop on campus, it will connect to the NetID system and you will need to use your NetID to login after that. 

Mobile-device email: 

If you access email on your smart phone or other off-campus device, you will need to use your NetID credentials for the email profile on your device.    

How to get help:  

If you have forgotten your NetID or need to reset your password, please visit (and bookmark!) your password assistance web page HERE.  You can also find the page manually on the CSU-Pueblo website:

CSU-Pueblo home -> About -> Information Technology -> Help Desk -> Password Help

We anticipate some increased support need at the Help Desk through this time, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the NetID/Password support self-help pages listed in this email. 

Summary of online support resources:

We are committed to support every individual who needs assistance and so we’re grateful  for your patience and understanding as we implement this significant upgrade that will enable us to evolve our systems and serve our students well into the future.  

Thank you!

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