Email interruption [UPDATED 11a 5/24/2020]

5/24/2020 : 11am – We were able to identify a the issue impacting a small subset of email users. It was an internal communications issue between email infrastructure components. All our tests indicate services are online.


5/24/2020 : 8am – We are investigating reports of a few accounts that are still unable to access email. Most are confirmed to be online.


Email services restored approximately 1:30pm 5/23/2020.

On a lighter note, here in IT we could tell the campus was getting email fatigue since we we’ve all been working remote. And so we’ve provided this service to kick off the holiday weekend with a break from email. Your welcome!

But seriously, any disruption of services can be detrimental to our teaching and other processes. So we appreciate your patience and understanding while we addressed this unexpected technical issue. Serving you is our #1 priority.


The monthly IT maintenance Friday night (5/22/2020) ran into some problems. Security patches applied to the email system caused an issue that will require the email servers to be restored from backup. The work continued all night until after 5:00 am Saturday morning. Exhausted, the IT team needs to rest before continuing to restore email by midday Saturday. All other services have been tested as working, including Blackboard. Incoming emails for the time being should be held for delivery until the system comes back online.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and understand the impact. This was an unforeseen consequence of the required maintenance process.

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