Introducing NetID!

Your CSU-Pueblo login ID is being replaced by a CSU-System electronic ID called “NetID.”   Over the course of this year, you will start using this new login for almost everything (single-sign-on), but for now, we are starting with the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  You will still keep your existing ID to login to your computer and other systems.  This new login only applies to KFS, for now.    

It will be necessary to log into KFS using your NetID starting May 18th.

For instructions on how to obtain your new NetID and for more info on why this is happening, please read the instruction document here.     You can also find more information about this initiative on the CSU-Pueblo NetID web page.

Why is this happening?

Our old familiar IDs are based on our legacy AIS system, which is being replaced by the joint Banner system being implemented through our collaboration with our sister campus in Fort Collins.   Banner provides this ID as a unique identifier for every member of our campus including all students, faculty, staff and anyone who has a record in the system and needs access to our computer network.   This new NetID electronic identity is also being adopted by the Fort Collins campus.  Using the latest technology, we are designing this NetID together in order to provide opportunities for our campuses to collaborate closer, share resources and provide a better student experience across the CSU System.

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