Blackboard Status 04.21.2020


We have received reports at times Blackboard is slowing down in various browsers and on otherwise fast internet connections. Other times it may be momentarily inaccessible. We have been working these issues on a case-by-case basis with our Help Desk Solutions center and our network team. Some of the issues have been resolved with changing browsers, clearing caches, and rebooting devices. That said, we are not satisfied with only treating the symptoms and continue to fine tune the system.

The CSU Pueblo network team is actively involved in the upkeep and sustained maintenance of Blackboard. While you may experience slowness from time-to-time rest assured we are working to prevent these barriers to teaching and learning.

We have opened a ticket with Blackboard Inc support to discuss what we have heard reported and what we can do to stop slow-downs from happening. We will stay vigilant in maintaining the systems health especially through finals and semester starts.

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