Blackboard Status 04.22.2020

4/22/2020 – 11:54pm
We have been monitoring the system and cleared out System Tasks. System is available.

4/22/2020 – 7:15pm
We are continuing to address issues with Blackboard. Services are currently intermittent.

4/22/2020 – 5:48pm
Blackboard service is restored. Testing ongoing to ensure stability.

4/22/2020 – 5:15pm to 5:47pm
Blackboard service was disrupted.

4/22/2020 – 4:01pm
The IT department is working to address an issue with Blackboard that has caused some performance issues.   A situation arose this afternoon that required an unexpected restart that briefly disrupted services.   At the time this email, services have been restored and being tested.    I invite you to bookmark our technology blog where we post any updates, issues or news about Blackboard or other systems.  That is the first place we alert if there are any problems.   I fully realize the need to have a reliable Learning Management System which demands our vigilance in serving you.  I am grateful for your understanding when we have opportunity to work through these things together.   We are tracking every detail as we go and remain committed to being responsive to address any issue with any of our tools that might arise.     Please accept my apologies for any disruption or frustration you may have experienced.   Your feedback is always welcome.  During time of high-call volume, the best way is to communicate via email to   I hope you are all safe and healthy.

4/22/2020 – 3:33pm – 3:50
Blackboard has experienced an outage and Information Technology is working to restore service. We will continue to update this post as more information comes available.

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